Frases em inglês de amor

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 Frases em inglês de amor

Frase: You make me cry, you make me smile, you are everything to me.

Frase: You taught me to love, cannot live without you.

Frase: My life has no meaning without you by my side.

Frase: I think about you all the time, I love you so much that it is impossible to forget you.

Frase: I want to be everything to you, your love, your peace, your best company.

Frase: You're the best thing that happened to me already.

Frase: I will love you all the days of my life.

Frase: My life was complete while you were part of it. Now I do not know do not live a day without knowing that I have you with me.

Frase: Look into my eyes, all that love is yours.

Frase: I want your kiss, his smell, his embrace, his voice tell me things that comfort me. I want you.

Frase: You changed my way of seeing life, everything in me was more complete after you arrived.

Frase: You are my reason to smile every morning.

Frase: The stars in the sky will prove to you that I was born to love you.

Frase: I was born to you and you were born for me. Our souls are completed.

Frase: All I did was to have you by my side. I'm sorry for not being perfect love. If I made a mistake of loving you for so much.

Frase: You're my air, my floor is my peace. Without you I'm nothing, I cannot be happy. Please stay with me baby.

Frase: I knew I loved you since the first time I looked into your eyes. You're all I ever wanted. It's my love.

Frase: His fate was traced along with mine, that love is the gift that God gave me. I'll only be happy if I have you with me.

Frase: Look at me, do not do so, say you love me, I am also whom you have always dreamed.

Frase: There will never be a greater love than this.

Frase: My angel, back to me. You're all I want. I need you to live.

Frase: Learned from you that love is the most beautiful thing there is. I do not want to lose you ever, you're the air that makes me breathe.

Frase: You is gorgeous, your face is gorgeous, your way is gorgeous, your voice me encanta. Each piece has its a bit of me, I need it all to survive.[

Frase: My love, our love is the most beautiful of the universe. Love you all my life, until death can separate us.

Frase: Nothing can change what I feel for you, you know why? I love you baby.

Frase: Our love is written in the stars baby.

Frase: You inspire me, I hallucinate, delights me. You make me want to live follies, inspires me every freedom.

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