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Frase: People you charge things that neither they themselves are capable of doing.

Frase: To err is human. Forgiveness is a necessity. Chase what we dream is our obligation.

Frase: I had many words, but I lacked the courage.

Frase: Take that smile on his face here is just one reason to happen: you.

Frase: Despite everything that happens, keep smiling.

Frase: Look for spreading love, because we already have to spread suffering of plenty.

Frase: Wish you could see my baby when I look at you.

Frase: The most amazing things in life cannot be planned.

Frase: Rest assured because your day will come too.

Frase: We only discovered the importance that a person has when you need it.

Frase: Stop running back who does not give value.

Frase: Never put off until tomorrow the things you can do now.

Frase: To see you smiling I can color the sky of other colors.

Frase: All you need is love and peace. Do not want anything more.

Frase: Today is the best day to be happy.

Frase: You need to be happy today, because tomorrow may be too late and yesterday is gone there is no change.

Frase: Never forget to smile, because your smile is the most beautiful in the world.

Frase: Do not be sad if it did not work today, tomorrow you will have a beautiful day to try again.

Frase: The light in your eyes tells me so many things.

Frase: The most beautiful flower in my garden is you.

Frase: His life takes on meaning when you know a person that makes you have to smile every morning.

Frase: Love is the purest feeling that a heart can feel. Love covers all over the world, all races, all cultures, all nations. Love is the true universal peace.

Frase: Tomorrow can change that feeling. Care.

Frase: Take care of those you love.

Frase: When I needed it most, you have not been here. This is something that has no forgiveness.

Frase: Do not be afraid of the impossible, the limits are within you.

Frase: Often it is necessary to forget what we want to be able to fight for what we need.

Frase: Plant flowers in ways that go.

Frase: Things go wrong so that others may come and work.

Frase: I need you to breathe. I need you to smile. I need your love to make me feel alive and really happy.

Frase: There are things that need to stay behind to learn to value others.

Frase: Speak only when needed, demonstrates just what to feel.

Frase: Live every day as if it were the last of all.

Frase: Come here and stay with me, just us two, always close together.

Frase: Having a love for knowing smile.

Frase: His voice me hallucinate. Your smell makes me float.

Frase: All I need is your voice telling me good day, every day.

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