▷ Feliz Natal Em Inglês – As Melhores Frases

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Confira abaixo Feliz Natal em inglês para você mandar para seus amigos
Frase de nada em ingles

Frase: Merry Christmas to you, that the magic of this date enlighten your heart.

Frase: Merry Christmas to my friends and my family.
Frase: Bend the bells, angels sing and the baby Jesus fill your heart with peace. It’s Christmas!
Frase: The Christmas season is the most beautiful time of the year is when the love of God is renewed in our hearts.
Frase: Merry Christmas to all the children of God.
Frase: Merry Christmas to all who believe that the boy Jesus lives.
Frase: Christmas is love, peace, is light, is refurbishment.
Frase: Merry Christmas, that happiness and peace reign in your home and your heart is full of love.
Frase: Merry Christmas, this celebration bring you much joy and faith.
Frase: Always ask God to take care of my friends, this Christmas night I ask her fill their lives with tenderness and love. Merry Christmas.
Frase: Long live the spirit of Christmas every day of the year.
Frase: Long live the spirit of Christmas every day of your life.
Frase: Long live the spirit of Christmas! Live Jesus!
Frase: Jesus enlighten your day, that peace enters your house and fill your heart. God protect you and your family. Happy Christmas!
Frase: The best thing about Christmas is to stand with the people we love the truth and be able to celebrate the birth of the one who gave us life.
Frase: What this Christmas fill your heart with light.
Frase: My friends, thank you for being with me throughout the year. Wishing you that Christmas comes full of achievements and accomplishments. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.
Frase: That magic christmas enlighten your life and fill your house of peace.
Frase: Merry Christmas to my friends, my family and all the people who believe in their magic.
Frase: That your home be filled with happiness, love, peace, friends and gifts! Happy Christmas!
Frase: That this Christmas your best gift is a heart full of joy and peace.
Frase: What this Christmas renews our faith is to live a new year full of achievements.
Frase: My gift to you this Christmas is all my love and all my love. Merry christmas beautiful person!
Frase: That your home is lovely, it has a rain of blessings, a flower garden of peace and love.
Frase: Merry Christmas to you! Happy New Year and many blessings!
Frase: May God fill your life with blessings, to give you lots of light and lots of peace! And the new year to come bring you many accomplishments.
Frase: Happy Christmas! Happy birth of the Son of God! May your life be filled with love and faith!
Frase: That this Christmas you have the most special people in the world at your side. Merry christmas!
Frase: Just want to have peace, love, understanding and faith. The rest of the time you will. Merry christmas. Happy new year

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